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Our Story

June and Sage operates as an herbal apothecary and wellness shop, specializing in handcrafted herbal wellness supplements and skincare. Our philosophy centers around embracing wisdom, nature, and simplicity in our wellness routines. Our offerings blend ancestral wisdom, traditional healing practices, and modern science to promote balance and restoration for the body.


Behind the Brand 

Founder, mother, holistic birth worker, and health equity advocate, Ebony Cherrelle is the heartbeat behind June and Sage. In 2018, Ebony embarked on a personal and spiritual journey to improve her health and overall wellbeing. She began studying herbalism, deepening her connection to the land and her traditional ancestral healing modalities. This journey reshaped the way that she viewed wellness, and opened her eyes to the restoration and healing that can be found in natural living. 

Ebony believes that everyone has the ability to nourish and restore their health by being mindful of what we put in and on our bodies. From balancing the immune system to nourishing and healing the skin, Ebony has formulated a line of herbal supplements and uncompromising skincare that is affordable and accessible to the community.


Her formulations incorporate herbs, and traditional plant based remedies that have been passed down through generations. Her mission is to heal her community, break generational health disparities, and restore the connection between ancestral wisdom and healing.

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